We cater for all your broken window repairs. Including insurance work.


Painted glass can be used in your bathroom – to line the walls in your shower, around the edge of your bath, and by your vanity unit all instead of tiles – no more grout to scrub trying to get it clean.

Glass Shelves inside shower or anywhere in your bathroom
Modern Privacy Glass


Mirrors are made to measure, to fit perfectly in that space in your bathroom.

Frameless Glass Showers & Screens over the bath

Frameless glass showers and screens have a number of features that highlight their advantages. Made out of toughened safety glass they are custom designed so they will fit into almost any situation, the double action hinges allows the door to swing both in and out allowing greater entry and exit flexibility.

JPF GlazingYour shower is in clear, low iron or tint finish (ie. green or blue float glass).
Choose your own door handle to fit with your personal style.
We recommend these products for your glass shower

Clean-x Advanced Surface Care – removes the build up of minerals, soaps, oils without damaging the surface.

Invisible Shield Surface Protectant – reduces the adhesion and build up of water spots, soap, lime scale & mineral deposits for easier cleaning.

Modern Privacy Glass

For privacy in any room but especially your bathroom and toilet windows, and giving it a modern look.



Painted glass Splashbacks is an attractive and easy way to enhance the look of your kitchen. They are easy to keep clean and protect your precious walls. Painted glass is very versatile and you can choose a colour to match your existing colour scheme or to add the wow factor!

They are waterproof and are high impact and heat resistant. Standard clear glass has a green tinge due to the high iron content. When painted, this colour is enhanced adding a slight green shade to the base colour.

Low iron glass is a high quality ultra clear glass. It highlights any colour in its natural colour scheme and increases the colour depth.its glossy surface.


Glass balustrades enhances and allow you to maximise your feeling of space through its modern minimalist appearance. It’s unobtrusive, elegant and maintenance free. There are number fixing options to hold your balustrade in place… clamp, post, standoff etc.


Whether it’s from an external balcony overlooking your surrounds it can be used to enhance your decking without compromising the view. The glass balustrade can also act as a wind break so you can still sit outside on your deck. Glass is toughened safety glass and thickness is dependant on each situation and is available in clear, low iron or tint finish.


A glass balustrade adds a stylish upmarket look and adding value to your home. Whether it’s used on your stairs or at the top of the landing.


Table tops are perfect to protect your precious furniture. For the top of your dining room table or your antique side table/buffet so you can put plants or flowers on top and it won’t leave an unsightly water mark. You can choose from numerous colour options – clear, smoky or green or blue float glass giving it a modern look.


JPF GlazingCat Door

Four way locking system
Generous cat flap 170mm x 155mm
Flap has a moulded composite weather seal
Automatic magnetic flap positioning
Security Designed, no external screws

Cat/Dog Door

Four way locking system
Generous flap size 195mm x 185mm
Supplied with full weather seal
Automatic magnetic flap positioning
Security Designed, no external screws

We can source cat and dog doors if you have a specific one in mind.


A real feature, it gives a sense of elegance and style to your home. The doors divide rooms without compromising your feeling of space through its modern minimalistic appearance. Choose your own door handle to suit your décor and personal style.
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